Smart iFarm

Automating the water flow, luminosity, Monitoring nutritional values in the soil and weather forecasting through sensors helps crop to grow healthy.

Smart iLogistics

Safely transporting food products without damaging and maintaining quality by continuous monitoring with the help of sensors. By this quality of food will increase few more days until it reaches destination.

​​Smart iHo​me
Smart ihome manages power and water flow, which are the major concern nowadays. And automating the things in the home by integrating with sensors.

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Smart iHealth

Automatically track and manage your key health vitals in one place. The sleek, user-friendly screens make it simple and easy to monitor your health using your smart iHealth devices. Your health information is automatically stored in the app in an easy to read format.

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Smart iWarehouse

Manage the quality of food materials by maintaining the quality of air, luminosity, gas by integrating with sensors which transform normal warehouse to iWarehouse. And monitoring through a smart device helps to identify the exact place of the problem which reduce the effort, time for user and reduce the food wastage.

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