Flow Converter
Water flow can be converted to different parts of the field in a timely basis or remote fashion for even distribution to the whole field.


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Pressure Distributor

Plants need different types of water flow. Some need continuous flow with less water and some need more water flow for a specific time period. Using pressure distributor, we can control as well as monitor the water pressure.

Nutrients Mixer

Sensors detect the nutrition levels in the soil and display it on the monitor. So that user can mix the low value monitored nutrients into water tank which is targeted to sell through diapers, pipes or sprayers.

Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Monitor both temperature and humidity in the atmosphere so that the user can decide that crop needs to be watered or not. And farmers usually don’t water the crop in the hot sun.


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Device & Parameters

Water Flow Monitor

Monitor the flow of water, to maintain readings or to know the amount of water spent on crops.

Regular Water Monitoring & Fill Water –  Continuously monitor the water level in the tanks and automatically pump the water if the reading is less than the desired value.

Detection of Soil Moisture & Supply Water –  Sensors are placed in the soil which measure the moisture level and signal to the things or water pumps. If the moisture level is low automatically pumps will be activated and supply water.

Detection of Weather & Supply Water –  According to weather condition water supply to crops will be controlled. When the temperature is high or the weather forecast rain, water supply decreases.

Detection of pH/PPM values & Supply Nutrients – To know acidity and nutrient value in the soil and supply the desired amount of nutrition to soil by mixing them in the tank and supply through water pipes.

Preventive Farm Care – By controlling automation we can prevent excessive irrigation and soil abnormal nutrition values for better yield.

​​Self-Water & Nutrients Management –  By continuous monitoring of sensors, water supply and nutrients to the plants are automated.

​Remote Monitoring & Controlling –   User can view every detail of readings from sensors in single screens and control the things from remote area.

Improve Quality & Quantity of Yield –  Having the desired amount of nutrition and controlled amount of water supply the quality and quantity of yield will be higher.

  • Maintain Water Flow
  • Manage luminosity
  • ​Monitor soil mineral          percentage
  • Reduce Crop Damage
  • ​Produce Healthy Crop

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Water pressure Monitor

Monitor the pressure of water to maintain constant flow through pipes to reduce soil erosion and keep soil wet.

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pH Monitoring Hubs

Every field is integrated with a pH meter for continuous monitoring of nutrients in the soil to maintain the fertility of the soil and for better yield.

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Leaf & Soil Moisture Monitor

Monitor the percentage of moisture in leaf and soil to maintain the default moisture level with the use of sprinklers and drippers.