Monitor details of every parameter in a single screen.

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Regular Health Monitoring

No need to consult doctor for regular health checkup. Users can self-monitor health condition anytime & anywhere.

Early Detection of Health Problems

By regular health checkup person can detect health issues and get treated at initial stage.

Educating on Vital Health Parameters

User will get suggestions and tips for health care and precautions to be taken in emergency situations.

Tips & Suggestions for Quick Health Counseling

Any abnormal readings in health Parameters, user will get alerts and suggestions before going to hospital.

Preventive Health Care

Can know unnecessary habits by continuous health monitoring and preventing them for better health.

Support Self Health Management

Following suggestions given by device helps to manage health individually.  

Make Daily Habits

Knowing the health condition of every vital organs everyday leads to maintain healthy habits and body. ​

Improve Quality of Life

Preventing unnecessary habits and maintaining a healthy routine lead to a healthy body and mind.

Suggestions will be given to the user if the device scenes abnormal readings before consulting the doctor.


Weight, Water & Fat

​User can know his/her weight and percentage of water and fat in the body.


By taking weight and height of user as input and returns output whether the person is normal, overweight or underweight

The amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutrally temperate environment, in the post-absorptive state.

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Pulse Rate

Pulse Rate is nothing but the rhythm of the beats produced by radial arteries. And the rate of the beats should be consistent, otherwise user need to consult doctor.

Blood Oxygen Level Meter

Blood oxygen meter is used to measure the oxygen saturated hemoglobin relative to total hemoglobin in the blood.

Vital Parameters On Main Page

Detailed readings of user’s vital organs will be displayed on the main screen of the application.

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Galvanic Skin Response

Monitors the electrical resistance of the skin caused by emotional stress and used to know the psychic condition of the user. 

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Self-Education On Health Parameters 

Access To Detail 


 Required key to access the health details.

Suggestions For Self-Improvements In Each Area 

Body Temperature

Monitors the body temperature and gives suggestions if the readings are abnormal.

Tips and suggestions will be given to the user from app about health care and parameters

  • Monitor Health
  • Manage Health
  • Lead Natural and Better Life


The electrocardiogram is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart and to find the thickness of walls in the heart chambers.

Device & Parameters

Blood Pressure Meter

Blood pressure is one of the vital parameters. Continuous monitoring of blood pressure helps user to maintain proper health