Air Quality Hubs

​​To know the quality of air like percentage levels of CO2, oxygen, smoke in the air and notify to the user or directly signal to things. By regulating CO2 and harmful gasses we can reduce the damage of food.​

Temperature & Humidity Monitor 

Temperature and humidity inside warehouse will be monitored to maintain the default percentage for quality maintenance.

Door Status

​Doors should be closed tightly. So, that dust, insects and harmful gasses should not enter inside. The status of the door will be monitored continually by sensors.

Air Flow Control

When a warehouse is insulated the air in that become harmful and cause damage to food inside. So, Air Flow Controller will pump the outside air inside and inside air outside and also monitor the air flow rate.

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Device & Parameters

Smart iWarehouse

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Monitor Ethylene Gases

Ethylene is produced by fruits when damaged manually or diseased. That leads other fruits to damage or early ripening. 

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GPS/Video Messaging

​Warehouses are large in area and difficult to monitor every corner. Sensors will signal to GPS/Video Messaging module if any abnormal readings identified, and it is easy to position the area of problem and to rectify.

Luminosity Observation

For constant moisture level sun light is sent into the warehouse through the ventilators. Humidity falls when the temperature rises, with this moisture level will be decreased and can maintain the quality of food.

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  • Reduce the aging of food
  • Maintain the quality of food
  • Reduce the wastage of food
  • ​Keep your food fresh & live        green

Improve Quality & Freshness of Goods

Regulating atmosphere conditions according to goods, then they will be fresh and good quality.

Preventive Warehouse/Cold Storage Care

By continuous monitoring of warehouse using sensors that detect slight changes in the atmosphere and can prevent further damage of goods.

Multi Parameter ‘Monitoring + Controlling’

User can monitor the condition of goods and  control the atmosphere of warehouse at the same time using  console in smart devices.

Energy Efficient Warehouse/Cold Storage Solutions

Aeonnow will monitor the consumption of power by things connected to it. So, user can monitor usage of energy and reduce power usage manual or through automation.

Controlled Atmosphere Models

Sensors continuously sense the change in the atmosphere and maintain according to the type goods.

Automated Refrigeration & Cooling Models

Cold storage inside temperature can be automated so that refrigerator’s or cooling models will maintain desired temperature.

Controlled Air Flow & Air Quality Monitors

Air quality surrounding the goods is the main concern for warehouses. To maintain that, air exhausts and gas cylinders are automated.

Solutions for on-ground, inside-ground, insulated warehouses

Automation of the warehouse will be done according to nature of the crop or fruit.​

Fire & Smoke Monitor​​

​Fire and Smoke are the main concern for the warehouse because damage caused by them is very high. Thermostats and gas sensors are used to monitor warehouse to control firewater pipelines and ex​hausts.